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January 17, 2018

Xbox One
Windows 10


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FULL METAL FURIES is an RPG-laden action brawler for up to four players. But the brawler formula is a little outdated, made for a time when arcade machines guzzled quarters. So this isn’t just another old-school beat-em-up. FMF is our take at modernizing the genre, and bringing it to a new generation of gamers. Nothing is sacred in FMF as we scrutinized every issue we had with the brawler, from missing attacks due to obscure depth perception, to constantly fighting off-screen enemies. On top of that, we brought in a slew of more contemporary features, like RPG skill trees, collectable equipment, and secret world meta-puzzles. And this isn't even talking about the co-op yet! Full Metal Furies was designed to support true cooperative gaming so it’s not just players sharing the same screen. A special “barrier system” means certain enemies can only be damaged by certain players, forcing teammates to communicate and work together. If an ally falls you better pick them up, because those barriers don’t go away. And this isn’t just for people playing with friends. Single player mode features a quick-swap system that allows you to choose two classes while going solo. Everything you do with your friends you can do alone, like stringing elaborate team combos. Best of all, we wanted to give gamers many opportunities to play with their friends and family, which is why Full Metal Furies is not only supporting online co-op play, but full Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play support. That means one purchase will allow you to play on your Xbox One or Windows 10 machine, and both console and PC gamers can unite with the Furies to take down the Titans!


  • A modern take on the 2D RPG-Brawler for Steam, Windows 10, and Xbox One.
  • Full online and offline co-op play for up to 4 players.
  • Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross Play supported.
  • Unique 'quick-swap' feature in single player. Lets you swap between two classes at any time during the action.
  • Tired of button mashing? The game features 4 unique character classes with their own skills and attacks. Engage from afar as the Sniper, slam up close as the Fighter, or prep turrets in people’s faces with the Engineer.
  • A special barrier system encourages communication and cooperation amongst players, and ensures that you always fight together.
  • Fully featured level up system with complex skill trees that unlock new abilities for each character class.
  • Find and master equipment that changes the way each heroine plays.
  • No damsels in distress, no saving the girl. Follow the Furies while they search for the answer to peace in a world ravaged by monstrous Titans.
  • Uncover hidden treasures galore as you solve meta-puzzles and unveil the secrets behind the disappearance of Prometheus, creator of Man.
  • Experience an in-depth adventure that spans multiple worlds and lasts for 20+ hours (estimated).
  • Say goodbye to wonky hit detection. FMF uses complex attack logic to ensure obtuse depth perception is a thing of the past.
  • No more cannon fodder. Fragile Artillerists will stay away and call air strikes from afar, while heavy-duty Minitaurs will charge at you and get up-close and personal. Every enemy is a threat.


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About Cellar Door Games

Cellar Door Games was founded by Kenny and Teddy Lee in 2009. Based in Toronto, Ontario the two brothers have been making games together forever. Sometimes they get lucky and make a semi-popular game like Rogue Legacy. Other times, it's just a purple dude shitting himself.

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Full Metal Furies Credits

Teddy Lee
Game Designer, Co-Founder

Kenny Lee
Programmer, Co-Founder

Ryan Lee

David Man
Software Engineer

Glauber Kotaki
Character Pixel Artist, Freelancer

Lisa Wu
UI and Graphics Artist, Freelancer

Michelle Ang
Environment Artist, Freelancer

Sara Gross
Concept Artist, Freelancer

Benny Lee
Level Art Designer

Priscila Garcia
Motion Designer, Freelancer

Joey Van Alten
Sound Design, A Shell in the Pit

Gordon McGladdery
Composer, A Shell in the Pit

Networking and Console Adaptations

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